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November 16, 2022 | Michael Burrows

People often wonder how to find a good therapist and how to know if you’ll gel with them in advance, so you don’t end up wasting time or money testing multiple different therapists.

I know I struggle with this when I’m looking for a therapist too.

So, how do you know in advance what a therapist is like or how they work?

Well, getting a recommendation from someone is obviously a crowd favourite, though you might not know someone who can make such a recommendation.

The other way to get to know someone before seeing them is to internet stalk them…

 Psychology Today find a therapist

Well, kinda.

If you can run a search for therapists and find a blurb about them, that's at least something to go on.

Even better, if a therapist has a blog, email list, are on social media, put out podcast episodes, or videos on YouTube, or maybe were interviewed by someone else.

Then you can read/watch/listen to them and get a gauge of whether you might get on with them, or want their input into your mental wellbeing.

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