3 Habits of the Supremely Confident

October 16, 2020 | Becky Burrows

Soma from Food wars is an anxiety Master, and is supremely confident in any situation.

I am going to cover the three ways he achieves this. If you want to overcome anxiety in your life, then you'll want to read on.

1. He sees every experience as a lesson, especially losses.

Soma knows that even if he doesn’t get the results he wants he will learn from every experience. He is always learning throughout all of the seasons. Many of his biggest successes are paved by what he has learned in the defeats.

He sees every opportunity as a situation to try something new and grow as a person. Not only will he learn from his own mistakes he is willing to learn from anyone. He is so open to opportunities to learn. Even when it feels like he has been rejected by someone he is still eager to learn from them. So he is not afraid to lose or to go up against someone he can’t beat. We see this time and time again. No more so than the 490 losses against his exceptional father.

He is actually more excited to go up against someone completely out of his league for the very reason that he will learn so much more from them. This is one of the things ways he maintains his supreme confidence, even in the face of utter defeat.


2. He interprets others comments as positive.

When someone says something to us we have a choice about how we will interpret what they say.

IF someone says “Nice shirt.” We can take it as a compliment or we can take it as an insult by thinking “They are being sarcastic and don’t actually think my shirt is nice.”

Soma frequently chooses how he interprets what other people say about him. He shows time and time again that you can choose to take what others say about you in a positive way regardless of whether this is their intention. He chooses to think positively about himself regardless of what others say. Rather than seeming unaware of the insult, his supreme confidence in himself shines through.


3. He takes actions in line with his values.

When things get hard it is easy to compromise what is important to us.

Soma values cooking being fun. Regardless of the situation he always upholds this value for himself. Even when everything is stacked against him or someone is pressuring him into a conventional, boring cooking box he finds his own way to enjoy himself.

In one of the most high stakes examples of this Soma is pressured by Erina to create a pat’e entrée for the very finally round of the team battle.

Soma chooses to do two things.

One is have fun getting Erina (The God Tongue) to taste everything he creates so the taste is perfect (while letting her see he is deviating from the recipe).

Secondly he makes it look like a caveman piece of meat on a bone, something that few would think could ever be gourmet.

Don’t get me wrong here, He is still giving it everything he has got. He’s not goofing off. What he is doing is acting in his value of cooking being fun while tackling this challenge.

When you know what you value and you act from this you will have the best sort of confidence. A supreme confidence that is rooted in the knowledge that you are acting in integrity with what is important to you.

Interestingly this is what makes him so good and pushes Erina to go the extra mile.


So if you want have supreme confidence like Soma you need to realise no matter what the outcome you can learn something from any and every experience.

Start choosing to take what people say about you in a positive light. Hold onto your value and choose to interpret what others say in this light.

Lastly, live in line with what you value, regardless of if that goes against what others expect of you.

If you do these three things your confidence will shine through.

Ultimately that is going to impact on those around you and challenge them to do the same.

I love how Soma rubs off on Erina.

You can see it in the way she finally stands up to her father and decides to live from her own values, not someone else’s.


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